Agri Control was founded by Don Fedie in 1973 to help the hog and cattle farming community develop business plans, restructure debt, and find financing for projects and operations. It was founded with the belief that a successful operation stood on four key pillars – historical performance, accurate forecasting, a good accounting system, and an intelligent marketing plan. Agri Control worked with farmers to establish historical and enterprise analysis and forecasting systems combined with a simple managerial accounting system that allowed its customers to easily restructure debt and secure financing from banks.

Don enjoyed much success throughout the first 20 years of the business, but he kept seeing a trend that bothered him. Though his customers performed the historical analysis, forecasting, and accounting legs, they seemed to fall down when it came to marketing. His producers understood their costs, but because they didn’t manage the marketing side of the business very well, profits were hit and miss.

So in 1994 Don decided to expand the marketing portion of his business. Don worked with commodities brokers to develop a system that leveraged commodity futures and forward contacts to lock in prices that hedge risk and insure profitability for farming operations. Don’s system helped farmers and ranchers determine how much their hogs and cattle cost them, when to sell them and for how much. In essence, Don gave farmers an easy to follow roadmap to sustained profitability. And he’s still doing it to this day.

Today, Agri Control specializes in project development, economic feasibility studies, the procurement of large project financing, and risk management marketing. The core of these services is our software. Now in its third generation, the Profit Guard and Profit Track software systems allow you to account for and control variables such as rising feed costs, animal costs, and the rising and falling markets to ensure that your operation remains profitable even in the most volatile of markets.

In fact Don’s methods are so effective that many of his customers are currently increasing their operations while others around them continue to downsize. Call Agri Control today to have us set up a personalized marketing plan for you.

Four pillars of a profitable operation

  • Past performance – Historical analysis of strengths and weaknesses of operation

  • Forecasting system – Predict performance 1-5 years into the future

  • Marketing Plan – Manage risk and assure profitability in a volatile market

  • Accounting system – 30 day measure of whether goals are being achieved
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