When Agri Control first started, people thought Don Fedie was crazy.

They didn’t believe it was possible to track costs in a farming operation. Don knew it could be done. He knew it had to be done. Don firmly believed that comprehensive profit center and break even analysis was as essential to a farmer’s success as it is to a manufacturing firm. So he developed a way to do it.

Agri Control is the product of Don’s 35 years of commitment to making farmers profitable. Agri Control’s methods have been honed and refined by Don’s experience in every aspect of agriculture, from cropping, to livestock production, and everything in between. The principals are universal. The system works. The clients are successful.

Whether you want to turn your operation around or just maximize your profitability, give Agri Control a call at (605) 367-9376. Let Agri Control show you how profitable your operation can be.



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