Agri Control holds the keys to your success.


Agri Control is 100% committed to helping you get the most profit from your farming operation. Our software is specifically designed to provide you with the information you need to manage your operation and ensure profitability. Each package is the direct result of over 35 years of financial consulting in the agricultural industry and has a long history of proven success.

Profit Guard
Profit Guard is the backbone of Agri Control’s historical and enterprise analysis service. It converts your financial information from the last four to five years into measurable metrics you can use as benchmarks in your farming operation. These benchmarks are the foundation for creating detailed, accurate forecasts that show where your operation is and how each component is performing. This information allows you to spot trends and make individual adjustments to ensure profitability.

Profit Trak
Agri Control’s risk management service allows you to ensure a certain level of profitability by using forward contracts and the commodities board to cover your costs and assure profitability. Profit Trak manages this service by tracking your cost of production and all your market positions and future contracts. It shows you at a glance how much you’ve got price protected and how much you still have available to sell in any given month.


Farming for Profit

The do-it-yourself guide to the Agri Control method. Don Fedie gives you all the answers, all the formulas and all the knowledge you need to calculate your costs and manage your enterprise profitably. This 93 page guide to success gives you a brief background in financial reports, ratios and profit center analysis, giving you exactly what you need to know to intelligently manage your operation in an easy to understand format. Then Don digs in to give you in-depth case studies on cropping, cattle, hog, dairy, and cow/calf enterprise analysis. The principles are universal. The methods are timeless. The effect it will have on your business is priceless.

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