Agri Control provides a range of seminars on financial issues that you face every day. Each seminar and work shop is designed to give you the financial tools you need to get ahead in this demanding market.

Your Business and Profitability

"If I'm profitable, why am I standing still?"
How much profit is enough?
Learn the answers, and how to solve common business problems.

Financial Ratios

Find out how to understand and use financial ratios through discussion and analysis of case
studies. Discover what ratios tell you about how your business operates and how to use them to your advantage.

Keys to Operations Management Success

Take what you know about your business to produce additional profits.
Learn how to emphasize strengths and correct weaknesses. Learn how to leverage strengths into results
that lead to success and higher profits.

The Cost of Producing a Product For Sale

"Are you sure you're covering your costs"
Discover how profits are identified within a manufacturing atmosphere, how this influences the mix of products produced, and how this affects the ultimate pricing of each product.

Risk Management

"Is it the commodities, or is it my business?"
"What do I have to understand to use the commodities board?"
Learn how to use the commodities market as a tool to hedge your risk and ensure profitability.

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