Your financial consultant in a box.

Profit Guard is Agri Control’s easy-to-use software that converts your boring financial statements into useable financial information that you can use to manage your farming operation effectively. The power of this third generation software comes from its flexibility.

Agri Control specifically engineered Profit Guard to take the financial information you already have and use it to create all the management tools you need. It will compute the financial ratios and indicators that banks love, the profit center analysis that tells you your cost of production for forecasting, and the sensitivity analysis that lets you know your profitability before you make an investment. Since Profit Guard computes everything from your individual operation’s financial history, you know that the information is accurate, relevant and up to date.


Why you need Profit Guard:

  • Get loans more easily
    Profit Guard gives you all the information banks love, giving you the advantage.

  • Know your cost of production
    Profit Guard gives you an accurate and in-depth analysis of just how much each bushel or hundredweight really costs you – including overhead. It uses your own past performance to make sure it is accurate and relevant to your farming operation

  • Know your sensitivity
    Profit Guard looks at your historical performance and can give you an accurate projection of what any livestock investment will cost you, and the potential profitability before you buy a single animal.

  • Know where the holes in your ship are
    Profit Guard gives you an in-depth analysis of each sector of your farming operation and tracks your profitability by enterprise. (For example, it will tell you if you’re losing money on corn, but making up for it on soybeans.) Once you know what the problem is, you can make corrections to maximize your profitability.

  • See into the future
    Profit Guard calculates your costs by converting your historical performance into dollars/unit of production. This information can then be applied to create accurate forecasts of profitability.
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