Tame the markets.

Profit Trak is an integral part of Agri Control’s marketing and risk management system. First Agri Control creates a customized marketing plan or your operation, then Profit Trak goes to work. It takes your personal marketing plan and provides an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks and organizes your activity month by month so you always know if you’re on plan and what positions you need to take.

Profit Trak shows you exactly what percentage of your monthly capacity you have price protected, what price you have locked in, and how much you have left to sell. It keeps track of your market positions and with whom you have forward contracts. It monitors your price protected profitability month by month, and tells you your break even points so you can make intelligent marketing decisions.

Profit Trak software can help you sustain a profitable operation in even the most volatile markets.

Why you need Profit Trak

  • Follow the plan
    Profit Trak makes it easy to follow your plan by outlining all the details of your plan, showing you exactly what you’ve already done, exactly what you have left to do, and how much isn’t price protected. It’s broken down by month, but shows you your entire year at a glance.

  • Monitor your market positions
    Profit Trak organizes all your market positions and forward contracts into one easy to understand report that tells you all the details you need to execute your plan.

  • Keep track of available livestock
    Market Trak monitors your whole operation, not just your price protected positions. It shows you exactly what your bringing to market, how much is price protected, how much isn’t, and what your costs are on each unit of production (hundred weight, bushels, etc.) so you can make intelligent marketing decisions even on what isn’t protected.

  • Easy-to-use
    Profit Trak organizes all the information you need into easy to read and understand reports so the information you need is always just a click away.

  • Agri Control supports you 100%.
    Agri Control monitors your Profit Trak software to make sure all the information is up to date and accurate. They will even input everything for you so you don’t have to worry about it. And if you have any questions about your software or your plan, Agri Control is always just a phone call away.
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