The do-it-yourself guide to the Agri Control method.

Don Fedie gives you all the answers, all the formulas and all the knowledge you need to calculate your costs and manage your enterprise profitably. This 93 page guide to success gives you a brief background in financial reports, ratios and profit center analysis, giving you exactly what you need to know to intelligently manage your operation in an easy to understand format. Then Don digs in to give you in-depth case studies on cropping, cattle, hog, dairy, and cow/calf enterprise analysis. The principles are universal. The methods are timeless. The effect it will have on your business is priceless.


Why you need How to Farm for Profit

  • Explains "enterprise (profit center) analysis," a fundamental method of business analysis
    based on historical financial and operational data, as the first step toward solid understanding
    and control of a farming operation. Enterprise analysis has only recently been applied to
    agriculture, with great success.

  • Shows how information obtained from enterprise analysis can be used to determine the
    exact break-even cost of each product produced on a farm, identify and address specific
    problems of an agricultural production operation, and design a successful business forecast,
    marketing plan, and accounting system.

  • Emphasizes profitability as a management objective.

  • Supports "the actual analysis of the reader's business," with specific analysis methodology
    for various types of farming operations.


About the author:

Donald M. Fedie is president of Agri Control Company, Inc., an agricultural
financial and management advising service, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Fedie has thirty-five years experience as an agricultural management specialist working with producers and bankers.
He owns agricultural operations and is a frequent contributor to Ag Executive Magazine and
The FarmDayta Network.

116 pp., 7 x 10, paperback, ISBN 0-8138-2560-1, $19.95.

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